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200-year-old Hindu temple in Karachi a source of livelihood for enterprising Muslim youths

Chennai: KARACHI: A 200-year-old temple here in Pakistan's largest metropolis is not only an important place of worship for the minority Hindu community in...

Russia sees over 9,000 new coronavirus cases, total deaths at 4,693

Chennai: MOSCOW: Russia reported 9,268 new cases of the coronavirus on Sunday, the first time in a week that the daily tally exceeded 9,000, but the lowest dea...

Pray that decision makers act to eliminate of inequality and poverty: Pope Francis

Chennai: VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis is cautioning against pessimism as many people emerge from coronavirus lockdowns to lament that nothing will ever be the ...

Egypt officials say 19 militants, 5 troops killed in Sinai

Chennai: EL-ARISH  (Egypt): The Egyptian military said it has killed at least 19 militants in raids and airstrikes against an Islamic insurgency in t...

Bangladesh reopens offices, transport services amid spike in coronavirus cases 

Chennai: BANGLADESH: Traffic jams returned on Dhaka streets as Bangladesh on Sunday reopened offices and transport services in a restricted manner after two mo...