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VHP demands central laws to free temples & mutts from government control, curb religious conversions


NEW DELHI: The Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Sunday appealed to the Union government to bring in a law to free temples and religious institutions of Hindus from government control in states, and also pressed for the enactment of a "strong" central law to stop illegal religious conversion in the country.

The saffron outfit passed two separate resolutions in this connection as a two-day meeting of its board of trustees and governing council concluded in Faridabad.

In view of a possible third wave of coronavirus pandemic hitting the country, the meeting also resolved to roll out a nationwide mass awareness campaign and organise Covid management training programs for volunteers.

"The two-day meeting concluded today with resolutions for protection against corona pandemic, prevention of illegal religious conversions and freedom of Mutt-Mandirs from government control," the VHP said in a statement.

Addressing the media, the working president of the outfit Alok Kumar said several temples and religious institutions of Hindus are under the control of the government in various states, including Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Uttarakhand.

"The government can take care of law and order as well as security, but the management of the temples should be left in the hands of the Hindu society.

Why should the government decide who would be the pujari of a temple, how should a puja be organised in the temple," he questioned Hence, a resolution was passed at the meeting for freeing Hindu temples and religious institutions from government control, he said.

"The VHP appeals to the central government to make a central law to handover Hindu temples and religious institutions to the Hindu society so that saints and devotees could refurbish and do up their religious and administrative systems and their traditions oriented towards ensuring the spirituo-socio-cultural dynamism of Mrityunjayi Bharat," read the resolution.

In another resolution passed at the meeting, the VHP appealed to the central government to soon enact "a strong law against religious conversions so that Bharat can be free from this anti-national, anti-Hindu and anti-humanitarian agenda."

"The central board of trustees and governing council of the VHP is confident that the Government of Bharat shall definitely complete this long pending work too," read the resolution, which also called upon the Hindu society to remain "ever watchful about the conversion conspiracies and put a stop to it through all constitutional measures."