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Veg rolls, idli and more Indian food on menu for Gaganyaan space mission astronauts


MYSORE: The Defence Food Research Laboratory in Mysore on Tuesday said that it has prepared special desi food items for the Indian astronauts scheduled to go into the Space in Mission 'Gaganyaan'.

The food items include egg rolls, veg rolls, Idli, moong dal halwa and veg pulav. Moreover, food heaters would also be provided to them.

Special containers have also been developed to help the astronauts drink liquids including water and juices in Space where there is no gravity.

Earlier, ISRO announced that India's first-ever manned mission 'Gaganyan' is slated to take place by mid-2022, and four pilots of the Indian Air Force (IAF) have been selected by the space research organization ISRO for training.