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Unidentified miscreants steal half a dozen manuscripts of Phanishwar Nath Renu's literary work


PATNA: In a first, unidentified miscreants steal half a dozen of original manuscripts of renowned Hindi litterateur Phanishwar Nath Renu from his Patna-based residence on Tuesday night. 

According to Renu’s daughter Nivedita Sinha, only the original hand written manuscripts of her father Phanishwar Nath Renu, who wrote the Hindi’s masterpieces like “Maila Anchal, Palatu Babu Road and other literary works were stolen.

In January of this year, the first property that was stolen, worth Rs 8 lakhs, was commited in the Renu Memorial Bhawan at Renu’s village Auranhi in Forebisganj district.

Sinha said that the original hand written manuscripts of a book on election written by Renu was also stolen.

The miscreants did not take any other household items except the manuscripts of Renu’s books, which were preserved in the almirahs at his residence in Patna’s Rajendranagar colony.

Nishikant Nishi-SHO of Kadamkuan police said that investigation has started after lodging a case.

Renu’s daughter told the media those original copies of ‘Maila Aanchal, Palatu Babu Road, Parati fairy tale and the Kagaj Ke Jahah (paper boat) are among other manuscripts stolen.

The theft was commited when there was no family member in the house.