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The War with Grandpa beats Tenet at US box office

Tim Hill’s hilarious entertainer, The War with Grandpa featuring Robert De Niro, Oakes Fegley and Uma Thurman has dethroned Tenet at the US box office.

The De Niro comedy earned $3.6 million domestically at the US markets. Christopher Nolan’s Tenet has earned over $2.1 million in the US with a total of $48.3 million during its six-week run.

Grandpa, based on author Robert Kimmel Smith’s novel, was originally set to release in 2018.  The release was postponed due to the dissolution of The Weinstein Company over serious sexual harassment cases against abusive producer Harvey Weinstein.

The War with Grandpa finally hit theatres this year despite the pandemic and is currently playing at nearly 2,205 locations as reported by Variety.  

The film was distributed by 101 studios. The film follows the fun rivalry between an aging grandfather and his grandson who wishes to reclaim a bedroom he is forced to share with his grandfather. (THE NEW INDIAN EXPRESS)