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Surat auto driver arrested for transporting samosas filled with beef

Police said that a Forensic Science Laboratory report verified that the samosas were stuffed with beef. AHMEDABAD: An auto-rickshaw driver has been arrested in Surat for transporting beef-stuffed samosas. Following the arrest, police recovered 45 samosas from his possession.

A Surat rural police official said that the Mangrol police station in Surat district had got information regarding a man who was preparing to transport samosas stuffed with beef in his auto-rickshaw. Cops subsequently intercepted an auto-rickshaw passing through Mosal area. Speaking to The New Indian Express, Deputy Superintendent of Police BK Vanar said, "Three days earlier, we were made aware of a man who was planning to drive an auto-rickshaw filled with beef samosas. We stopped the auto-rickshaw after receiving information and discovered that he was carrying 45 samosas that were filled with meat.

The police detained the auto-rickshaw driver and the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) team was called in to analyse the meat-filled samosas. The FSL report two days later verified that the samosas' filling was beef.” Vanar said, "During the investigation, we found that the accused used to take between 10 to 15 kg of cow meat from two other wanted suspects, Sulaiman alias Sallu and Nagin Vasava alias Simon, who live in Mangrol." He added, "He sold the big pieces of meat elsewhere and made samosas from the small pieces. He used to sell three pieces of samosa for Rs 10 apiece at his shop in the Surat area. Police are still looking into how the other two accused were selling the beef. More information will be available after further inquiry," he added.

The driver, 50-year-old Ismail Yusuf Jibhai, was later charged by police for carrying samosas with beef filling, in violation of several animal protection laws. Police have requested a five-day remand after he was produced in a court in Surat on Thursday. Yusuf, a native of Kosadi village of Surat district, was a serious offender of numerous animal protection laws, said police. (THE NEW INDIAN EXPRESS)