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Passage of farm bills in Rajya Sabha marks beginning of unprecedented era in agriculture sector: Amit Shah


NEW DELHI: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday said the passage of two key farm bills in the Rajya Sabha marks the beginning of an "unprecedented" era of development in the country's agriculture sector.

In multiple tweets after the passage of the "agriculture reform" bills, Shah also said the minimum support price (MSP) will remain in place.

"The passage of these bills reflects Prime Minister Narendra Modiji's unwavering resolve towards the overall development of our farmers and strengthening of the agriculture sector. This is the beginning of an unprecedented era of development in India's agriculture sector," he said.

Those who kept farmers in the darkness and poverty for decades by indulging in vote-bank politics are again trying to provoke and mislead them by opposing this historic decision taken by the Modi government in the interest of farmers, the home minister added.

"I want to assure my farmer brothers that if anyone thinks of their best interest, it is Prime Minister Narendra Modiji.

"These agriculture reforms of the Modi government will liberate our farmer brothers from the clutches of the middlemen, who have deprived them of their dues," he said.

Through these agriculture reforms, farmers will be able to fetch the right price for their produce by selling it anywhere they want, Shah said.

"This will lead to an increase in their income. Even after this decision, the system of MSP will remain in place and government procurement will also continue," he added.