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Parent shaming, not so cool: Mother's online disagree with Prajakta Koli's 'PSA'


HYDERABAD: When social media star Prajakta Koli posted a reel about parenting recently, moms online were up against their arms, online albeit, to counter her argument of 'irritating kids who are let loose at weekend dinners in restaurants'. Four moms tell us why they think Prajakta's Reels on Instagram were offensive.

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Namrata Sadhvani, Hyderabad @NamrataBS

Prajakta’s reel is in extremely bad taste and judgemental towards mothers everywhere, which cannot be condoned. I have always believed in bringing to light the reality of motherhood and the chaos and confusion that comes with it.

Parents cannot be expected to simply give up on their lives just because they have had kids, and a little understanding and empathy needs to be shown towards them, especially in public places.

Prajakta's message could have been put across in a kinder manner, which would actually set the right example for her millions of young and old followers. As a social media influencer, she needs to be more responsible for her words, her videos.

A huge part of her fan base are moms, and I can just imagine how triggered they would feel by watching this insensitive video!

Priyanka Mallik, Hyderabad @from_vodka_to_nappies

"I am just sad that people still find shaming parents, a joke. Having said that, maybe it is funny for some people, but my say is if she is normalising calling kids ‘bhooto jaisa’ and calling out parents for eating out, the 3.3 million followers might do the same too and share on social media. It's about taking a stand as an influencer and not crossing some boundaries in the name of content and humour. Calling out parents trying to grab a meal at a restaurant, is not okay. My response to her video is not where I am trying to counter or give an answer. It’s about what can be done to be empathetic and humane.”

Avantika Bahuguna Kukreti, Mumbai @avantikask

"We all love laughing over silly stuff but there is a thin line between what’s funny and what’s downright unacceptable. Time and again, moms have been judged for the million things they do, the million roles they play but what's not okay is social media influencers judging moms on their platforms to garner likes, comments and shares. What are we doing to counter it? Well we do what we always do, do everything we do with a lot of love, care and empathy cause we have to make the world kinder for our kids tomorrow"

Shreya Mitra, @raising_shaan

"It is not okay to shame kids for childlike behaviour , or the parents shaming them for bringing their children to restaurants . People need to be kinder to parents in public, especially when their kids are having a meltdown . It's offensive calling a child 'bhoot'. Here, a line was crossed in the name of humour , and it is not okay."