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Oscar-winning actor Alan Arkin exits 'The Kominsky Method'


Ahead of the third and final season of Netflix’s buddy comedy, The Kominsky Method, Oscar-winning actor Alan Arkin left the series.

Arkin played the role of Norman Newlander, the dear old friend and agent of the titular character, played by Michael Douglas, in the series. The charm of Arkin and Douglas as two old friends wading through life and rediscovering it, won the hearts of fans worldwide.

Arkin’s departure was not hinted at in the ending of Season 2. The Kominsky Method was created by Chuck Lorre, who has also co-created other winning sitcom series like The Big Bang Theory and Mom.
The 86-year-old actor was honoured with two Emmy and two Golden Globe Nominations for his performance as Norman Newlander in the previous seasons of The Kominsky Method.