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No proof that 21 days lockdown will stop coronavirus outbreak: Ex-JDU leader Prashant Kishor


PATNA: Celebrated poll strategist and former JDU leader Prashant Kishor questioned the decision of 21-day long lockdown across the country, annouced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi,on Tuesday night. Taking to Twitter, Kishor said: "It is as there is no scientific evidence to suggest that mere 21 days#lockdown without adequate testing, isolation and treatment measures could stop#Covidspread".

He lamented that the badly executed lockdown will ruins the livelihood of millions. In the same tweet he said, "Plus while a badly executed lockdown may not achieve its goal, it surely will destroy life and livelihood of millions".

He said that the decision to lockdown India may be right but it is too long. Predicting tougher days ahead, he said, "With the shaky preparedness for deal with the COVID crisis and very little to safeguard the poor,we could be staring at some tough days ahead."

Prashant Kishor on March 22 has also mocked at the way suggested by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and adopted in mass by the people to pay respect and express solidarity with people at the forefront of fighting COVID-19. He said: "Many made the #5minute5baje into a celebratory musical affair".

Prior to all this, he had suggested to promote available evidences and best practices to ramp up the efforts to spread awareness about COVID-19 and increasing tests and other preventive measures.