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'Modi Lies': Rahul Gandhi promotes website listing, fact-checking PM Modi's 'lies'


New Delhi: Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday took a fresh swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi by sharing the link to a website titled 'Modi Lies' on Twitter.

Gandhi has been accusing Modi of speaking "lies" on various issues, especially on the Rafale fighter jet deal. On Wednesday, he tweeted that the word 'Modilie' had entered the English dictionary.

While the 'Modi Lies' website's launch date is unknown, its Facebook page describes itself as “a repository of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s lies and false claims, right from the time he assumed power in May 2014.”

The Modi Lies website is chronologically arranged, beginning from June 2014 till May 2019.

All entries have the prefix 'LIE'. For example: LIE: 'Congress in its manifesto has promised that Naxal sympathisers will be respected and no harm will come to them' and 'LIE: I used email to transmit a photograph in 1987-88.'

The first entry is dated June 19, 2014 and is about Modi's maiden Lok Sabha speech, in which he claimed “slave mentality of 1,200 years is troubling us (India)”.

The Modi speeches are also debunked by a counter with evidence backing it up. There is also a lie meter at the bottom for users.