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Maoists allege drone attack on cadre in Chhattisgarh, forces reject claim


RAIPUR: The outlawed CPI (Maoist) on Wednesday accused the security forces of carrying out drones attacks against their cadre in the Bijapur district of Chhattisgarh, a claim denied by the forces.

“At least a dozen bombs were dropped on the rebels using drones in Bijapur district,” Vikalp, the spokesperson for the Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee of the banned outfit, said in a statement.

“This was the first airstrike on us. It happened around 3 am on April 19. As we managed to change our locations, we suffered no loss,” Vikalp said. 

The CRPF rejected the claim as propaganda.

“Such groundless allegations reflect a desperate attempt by the Maoists to garner the support of local people who are drifting away from the them,” an official said.