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'Manipulated media': Twitter flags BJP IT cell head Amit Malviya's tweet in-reply to Rahul Gandhi


Twitter flagging its users for unverified content is something we all witnessed during the recently-concluded US elections. 

In a new development, the microblogging website took similar action against BJP's IT wing head Amit Malviya.

Malviya's quote retweet in response to a post by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is now being indicated as 'Manipulated media'.

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi had tweeted a picture of a policeman raising a baton against a farmer during the Delhi protests against new farm laws.

Replying to the same, Malviya compared the photo with allegedly a video from the spot, claiming 'police didn't even touch the farmer'.

The action by Twitter India comes after many calls were made by social media users asking it to implement the same rules that apply to US politicians.

During the run-up to the US elections 2020, Twitter had flagged a number of tweets by US President Donald Trump for posting false information on coronavirus among other things.