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Maharashtra leaders angry over Centre's decision to not share OBC data 


MUMBAI: Maharashtra’s OBC leaders on Wednesday attacked the Centre over its decision not to share OBC population data with Maharashtra government. The data is being sought to allow the Maharashtra government to determine the quantum of reservation for the OBC community in the local bodies.   

Vijay Wadettiwar, an OBC leader and a Congress minister in Uddhav Thackeray’s government alleged that the BJP-led Central government does not want the OBCs to get reservations in the local body elections. He called the Centre move “anti-OBC”.

He said the BJP-led Central government has clarified its stance on the question of OBC reservations in the local bodies. “It is now clear that the BJP is against giving reservations to OBCs in the local bodies,” the Congress minister said.

The apex court had directed the state government to appoint a commission to determine the population of the OBC communities and their backwardness, based on which quotas can be fixed for them. However, OBC leaders say, this means no seat is going to be reserved for the OBC community in the upcoming local body elections as it would take time for the government to collect population data.  

“If the state government starts the survey now, it will take time to collect information. Besides, amid the pandemic, it will be difficult to conduct door to door survey. The Centre has data, but don’t want to share it,” NCP minister Chhagan Bhujbal said.