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Madhya Pradesh WCD Minister Imarti Devi’s poll brag lands her in trouble


BHOPAL: WCD minister Imarti Devi has landed in trouble after a video of her emerged where she is purportedly heard saying that the government can ask collectors for a seat and can get it too.

In the video which has gone viral, the Jyotiraditya Scindia loyalist is heard saying, “We’ve to win just eight seats, while they (the Congress) have to win at least 27. The government has such a majority that it can ask the collectors for a seat and can get it too.”

Congress leader JP Dhanopia reported the matter to the MP poll body on Thursday, alleging that such speeches clearly expose that those ministers who could be the BJP candidates in the bypolls might misuse their post and official machinery to win the ballot battle.

“We’ve demanded that all such ministers, who are no longer MLAs, but continue to be ministers in the BJP government be removed from their ministerial post,” Dhanopia said. But Devi said her statements were distorted. “I only reacted to the Congress claims that they are going to win all the seats.”