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Lawrence Osbourne to pen the script for 'River of Time' adaptation


British novelist Lawrence Osbourne will be penning the script for the film adaptation of Jon Swain’s memoir River of Time. The rights for the book have been optioned by Indochina Productions for Osborne to script and executive produce.

Described as the quintessential memoir of the Vietnam War era, River of Time was published in 1997 and centres mostly on events in Cambodia and Saigon between 1970 and 1975.

Swain, an award-winning correspondent for the Sunday Times of London and AFP, famously arrived in Pnomh Penh on the last flight out of Bangkok before the Khmer Rouge took power in Cambodia.  

He witnessed the Cambodian genocide and became a key figure among the war correspondents based in the city. The film will be produced by Indochina Productions with Nicholas Simon serving as the executive producer.