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Indian nuclear scientists visit plant in Russia


CHENNAI:  Representatives of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) and JSC “TENEX”, an exporter of initial nuclear fuel cycle products, recently visited the Kalinin nuclear power plant in Russia to learn about the process management of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) after its removal from a reactor core.

The visit could help nuclear scientists at the Kudankulam nuclear power plant (KKNPP) in dealing with the transport of spent fuel assemblies to a processing plant. “The visit is part of the JSC “TENEX” project on cooperation in the sphere of safe management of spent nuclear fuel at KKNPP,” said Artemov Elena, Deputy Director General of TENEX.

The scientists were given a demonstration starting from the receipt of an empty container, placing it in the pool soaking the reactor building, and the fuel loading using a console machine overload till the final stage of loading onto the transport platform. “For us, it is very important because in the future, we will conduct similar operations at Kudankulam nuclear power plant. 

“We were impressed by the high level of skill and speed of the work of specialists of Kalinin nuclear power plant. I got a lot of new information that will provide the safe management of spent nuclear fuel at the initial stage of back-end,” said a release quoting senior executive engineer of the NPCIL Vinod Tiwari.