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Imran Khan says coronavirus cases yet to peak in Pakistan, warns of 'very difficult time' ahead


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's coronavirus cases are expected to peak by the end of July or August, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday.

Addressing the nation, he warned the country of "a very difficult time" ahead if people continued to ignore the standard operating procedures (SOPs), Geo News reported.

The prime minister said that that the entire world has now understood that lockdowns are not a solution for the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We already know that the virus will spread, the trend that our experts have observed is that it spreads, then peaks and then the curve flattens. And the purpose behind flattening the curve is to reduce pressure on hospitals," Dawn quoted Khan as saying.

"Our cases are expected to peak by the end of July or August, and then the transmission will reduce. So, today I appeal to you, not for me, for you: Please take precautions for your loved ones, for the elderly and for those who have [other ailments]," he added.

Pakistan is a "poor country" and had "no choice" but to reopen the country, said Khan. His address to the nation comes as Pakistan has crossed 1 lakh mark of coronavirus cases. The country has reported over 1.05 lakh cases and nearly 3000 death.

"When a country imposes lockdown restrictions, the spread of the virus is slowed down.

"But we must also realise that Pakistan is a poor country and that we had no choice but to reopen the country. The entire world has understood that lockdowns aren't a solution.

"The United States, which now has the highest number of cases and deaths, has reopened their country [...] they decided to reopen their country with SOPs."