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Getting trade licence to be easier if civic body’s draft policy approved in Delhi


NEW DELHI: The North Delhi Municipal Corporation has drafted a new policy that brings in major changes for traders seeking a license for general trade and storage.

A committee of around 10 members has been constituted by the standing committee of the civic body, headed by Vipin Malhotra, deputy chairman, and having as members Veditha Reddy, deputy commissioner of the City Sadar-Paharganj zone, and others.

Under the new policy, the committee has planned to reduce the number of documents required to acquire a trade license.

While earlier a trader was required to submit 11 documents, the committee has proposed only four major documents – proof of legal occupancy, ID proof, a photograph of establishment with geolocation, and site plan showing the area under occupation by the applicant.

“Earlier, the Commissioner of North MCD had suggested bringing it down to seven, but we have decided to make it as minimal as we can. Collecting so many documents is hectic for them and we want to make it easier for the residents,” said Malhotra.

The committee further suggested that to reduce the trouble of visiting the civic body’s office, the whole process will be made online. The complete process for acquiring a licence will take around 30 days, and an additional time of 15 days will be given to the applicant if the documents are found incomplete.

“For payment, we have gone cashless to end any sort of bribe or harassment by any third party. Net banking or debit/credit cards can be used,” Malhotra noted.


In A and B category localities, the fee for the license has been proposed to be D50,000; in C and D category localities, the figure is D40,000, and in E, F, G and H category areas, it is D30,000.

The fee will be increased 5 percent every year. Two more draft policies, for factory and health licenses, are also in the process, an official said.