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Eighth naval veteran released by Qatar expected to return to India soon


NEW DELHI: It has been over a fortnight since the release of the eight naval veterans detained by Qatar’s Ministry of Interior. Seven of the eight were back in India on February 12, but Commander Purnendu Tiwari who is facing a travel ban is yet to return.

"There is a pending case against Commander Tiwari, which is awaiting clearance, which is why there is a travel ban imposed on him. However, he was permitted to move into his own house after the release was announced from detention on February 12th. There are indications that he too would be back soon – it could be as early as this week or next week," said a source adding that like in the case of the other seven veterans, Commander Tiwari’s arrival will not be announced in advance.

Commander Tiwari’s 85-year-old mother is awaiting his return to India.

It may be recalled that the eight naval veterans were arrested by Qatar’s Ministry of Interior on August 30, 2022. Following their arrest, they were put under solitary confinement and subsequently were charged for offences which were never made public.

A death penalty was announced last year, which was commuted to prison sentences. However, through what can be termed a diplomatic coup, the Indian government managed to get them out of prison.