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Dehradun Diary: Pilgrims on Char Dham Yatra to see snow this year


Pilgrims visiting Badrinath Dham will have the unique opportunity to witness snow up close on the Aastha Path this year. Along the stretch from Hanuman Chatti to Mana, the country’s first village, icebergs have formed in four locations, reaching heights of up to 15 to 20 feet. With the herculean efforts of the Border Roads Organi zation (BRO) using specialized machinery, the Badrinath highway has been cleared all the way to Mana. This marks the first instance in the past three years when such a significant amount of snowfall has been observed. BRO Commander Colonel Ankur Mahajan stated, “Snow has been removed from the Badrinath highway all the way to Mana Village.” Such heavy snowfall was seen 2021 last.

Cong exodus continues during poll season

There is an upheaval within the Uttarakhand Congress ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. Numerous leaders have defected to the BJP, while others remain in a state of cautious observation. Amid this political turbulence, the Congress party finds itself grappling with a critical decision — whether they should focus on the election or on their leaders. Adding to the turmoil is a provocative statement made by BJP state president Mahendra Bhatt, who boldly asserts, “In the near future, several prominent Congress leaders are poised to join the BJP.” The Garhwal Lok Sabha constituency comprises 14 assembly seats. Historically, the BJP has held all but these seats.

Dancer Raghav Juyal’s journey to stardom

Once an individual is resolute in their pursuit, they persist in their efforts. Raghav Juyal is a name that needs no introduction today, having established himself as a prominent Bollywood dancer, choreographer, and now, an actor. Hailing from a middle-class family in Dehradun, Raghav was born into a household where his father Rajeev Juyal practised law and other family members were predominantly associated with the military and government roles. While Raghav was initially groomed to follow a similar path, his aspirations diverged significantly. Raghav recalls, “From a young age, my passion for acting and dancing was undeniable, leading me to actively participate in numerous competitions.”

Narendra Sethi

Our correspondent in Uttarakhand

narendrasethi@ newindianexpress.com