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Defeat those who want to push Bihar into jungle raj once again: PM Modi at Darbhanga rally


PATNA: Campaigning for the NDA even as polling for the Bihar assembly elections kicked off on Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called upon the people to vote for the NDA to ensure a developed and self-reliant Bihar.
At a rally in Darbhanga, he said the opposition in Bihar has always ruined the state and is more interested in making money rather than working for development. Cautioning the voters to remain alert against those who want to push Bihar into jungle raj-II, the PM said these forces must be defeated.

“The people of Bihar have decided to defeat the forces who want to bring jungle raj in Bihar and who make the lives of women hellish,” he said.

“Those whose training has been to rule by dividing the society, those whose training is still to get commission from the money for development projects, they cannot think of the interests of Bihar,” Modi said, asking the people to vote for the NDA.

He said that on one side the NDA is standing with the resolve to build a self-reliant Bihar while on the other side, there are people who are eyeing the money of Bihar’s development projects.

“Remember the track record of these people. These are the people under whose rule crimes had ruled the roost in Bihar so much that people had to live a hellish and horrible life. These are the people who talk of debt waiver but commit scams even in the debit waiver money,” Modi alleged.

Speaking for more than 25 minutes, the Prime Minister devoted 15 minutes to listing the development works done by the NDA government in Bihar.

He assured the people that the next phase of the NDA government will have a comprehensive roadmap for Bihar’s development included the development of Mithilanchal.
Modi also said that the NDA government has extended the reservation for Dalits, backward and most backward communities for the next 10 years. He also invoked the Ram temple in Ayodhya, saying its construction has finally started.

The PM left for Muzaffarpur and Patna to address two more rallies on the day even as polling for the first phase of the assembly elections is in progress.