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Coronavirus: IndiGo crew members in quarantine in Kolkata as precautionary measure


NEW DELHI: IndiGo's eight crew members, who were part of its Kolkata-Guangzhou flight operations, have been in quarantine in Kolkata for the last few days as a precautionary measure against coronavirus, sources said on Thursday.

The low-cost carrier suspended its flights on the Delhi-Chengdu route and the Bengaluru-Hong Kong route from February 1 due to the virus outbreak.

It suspended flight operations on the Kolkata-Guangzhou route from February 6.

China has reported 1,367 deaths till Thursday due to the coronavirus outbreak amid concerns that the crisis is nowhere near slowing down contrary to official projections.

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"Eight crew members - cockpit crew as well as cabin crew - are in quarantine in Kolkata for a period of 14 days as a precautionary measure. They were part of the airline's Kolkata-Guangzhou flight operations," said a source.

Another source stated that they have been in quarantine for the last few days.

When asked about these eight crew members, IndiGo stated, "We are following all the prescribed Airport Health Organization (APHO) guidelines and are taking preventive measures for our crew operating flights to regions affected by coronavirus."

"Currently, none of our crew has shown any symptom and they are under constant observation," the airline added.