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Congress lashes out at PM Modi for shying away from speaking on India-China clash


NEW DELHI: Attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi for staying away from mentioning anything about ongoing tension at the India-China border in Ladakh, the Congress on Tuesday said that he is too afraid to even talk about it in his national address.

“We’re glad to hear that PM Modi has heeded the advice of Congress President Sonia Gandhi to extend the provisions of providing free food to the poor. Forget condemning China, the PM is too afraid to even talk about it in his national address. Another national address that could have been a government notification,” said the party.

In a poetic response, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi questioned PM’s leadership. “Don’t beat about the bush, tell us who snatched our land. We have no grudge against those who stole what is ours, but we have questions about your leadership,” he said.

“Facts don’t lie. BJP says: Make in India. BJP does: Buy from China,” Rahul said in a tweet along with a graph showing comparative volumes of imports from China during the Congress-led UPA’s tenure and the current BJP-led NDA government.

The party has questioned the government’s denial of Chinese transgression and demanded that the PM should speak the truth. The party further said that people had hoped that PM would look China in the eye and gather the courage for some tough talk.