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China wades into Prophet remarks controversy


NEW DELHI: China on Monday stepped into the ongoing row over the Prophet remarks bys Nupur Sharma. “We have noted relevant reports and hope that the incident can be properly managed,” the country’s foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said while responding to a query during a media briefing in Beijing.

“‘It is important to abandon arrogance and prejudice, and deepen recognition and understanding of one’s own civilisation and differences from other civilisations and promote dialogue and harmonious co-existence,” Wenbin added. Interestingly, the comments came a day after Pakistan Army chief Javed Bajwa visited China.

The Ministry of External Affairs refrained from reacting to Wenbin’s comment while experts on India-China relations thought it was best ignored. “China’s comment defies logic. A country which has such an abysmal record of human rights violations shouldn’t sermonise others. The whole world is aware of how Uygurs Muslims are treated in the Xinjiang province,” said an expert on China affairs.

Meanwhile, there were reports that expats who protested over the remarks on the Prophet in Kuwait were are likely to be deported to their native countries and barred from entering Kuwait again. It is learnt that around 40- 50 people took part in this protest march.