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Chandrayaan-2: Nagpur police reach out to 'Vikram' lander with sweet tweet


MUMBAI: The Nagpur police is winning the internet with a moving tweet urging Chandrayaan-2's lander 'Vikram' to respond and promising not to challan the ISRO module for breaking the signals!

In the early hours of Saturday, 'Vikram' lost communication with ground stations, just 2.1 km from the lunar surface during its final descent.

On Sunday, ISRO chairman K Sivan said efforts to establish contact with the lander were continuing.

"Dear Vikram, Please respond. We are not going to challan (fine receipt) you for breaking the signals!" said the Nagpur police through their official Twitter handle.

The heartwarming tweet with a touch of humour was appreciated on social media and also shared by Twitterati.

The tweet grabbed the attention of netizens and got more than 17,700 likes and 5,400 retweets within two hours.

The ISRO has said 'Vikram' is intact and lying tilted on the moon, but not communicating with ground stations.

Another interesting tweet, shared by the Nagpur police, juxtaposes a famous dialogue from blockbuster Hindi movie 'Sholey' with ISRO's historic mission and praises the Indian space agency.

"Dusron ne kitne attempt kiye. Sardar 9. Aur ISRO ne. Sardar 1. Dusro ne 9 Aur ISRO ne 1. Fir bhi itni success mil gayi."

"Bahut garv ki baat hain yah (It's a matter of pride that ISRO achieved so much success with its very first attempt whereas others made so many attempts)," it said.

The Maharashtra police tweeter handle, which usually posts memes for people's awareness, shared a message praising the ISRO.

"You have 100% left a mark on the heart of each one of us! Jai Hind".

The Mumbai police had also congratulated the ISRO for successfully placing Chandrayaan 2 into the lunar orbit and said it had been orbiting the city since 1669.