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Centre can anytime end reservation like demonetisation, says Ashok Gehlot


JAIPUR: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that central government can abolition of reservation too just like demonetisation while addressing a protest rally in Jaipur organised against BJP' s approach for promotion in reservations. 

The protest was organized by the Tribal, OBC and Scheduled Castes wings of the Congress.

Gehlot also said that BJP government at the Centre is imposing RSS agenda on the people of the country.

The veteran Congress leader added that the intention of the Central Government is not right.

"The way the central government is imposing the RSS agenda, the situation of the country is worsening. The day their agenda ends, then the BJP government will end reservation, just like the demonetisation, they will announce the abolition of reservation.

"RSS people say, after 70 years, there is no need for a reservation. During the Bihar elections, Mohan Bhagwat said this but later after the elections, they say that they did not mean that," Gehlot remarked.

He further added that a dangerous game was being played on the reservation. 

"Last time the High Court abolished reservation in promotion and ordered to send our Chief Secretary to jail. Later we won from Supreme Court but now the people are nervous about the Supreme Court's decision.

"61 per cent of the people of the country are against the move, in spite of this, they are taking decisions against public opinion. Today SC/ST are suspicious of the intention of the Central Government," Gehlot said.

CM Gehlot then went to say that Rajasthan made decision of reservation in promotion easily and the Centre should also make a law in Parliament to ensure that reservation is given in promotion.

"For this, the Central Government should make Rajasthan a role model and implement reservation in promotion within the states of the whole country," Gehlot added.

State President of the party and Deputy CM Sachin Pilot said that the Congress government will always stand up to protect the interests of the underprivileged. He also added that the Central Government raises unnecessary issues to divert attention from the basic issues. 

After the protest, CM Ashok Gehlot, Deputy CM Sachin Pilot and State in-charge Avinash Pandey and other leaders reached Raj Bhavan to hand over a memorandum to the Governor, Kalraj Mishra.