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BJPs Lok Sabha elections 2019 sweep shows saffron party rising vote share

10-bjp1 12-9-17

NEW DELHI: The BJP’s loss of nine seats in Uttar Pradesh was more than offset by the big gains it made in West Bengal and Karnataka as compared to the 2014 elections.

In 2014, the party had won two seats in West Bengal which sends 42 MPs to the Lok Sabha. The BJP has made major inroads in the state, gaining 16 more seats this time and increasing its vote share from 17% to 40%.

The seats of ruling Trinamool has shrunk from 34 to 22, while its vote share recorded a slight increase from 39.79% to 43.28%. The Left which ruled the state for almost three decades has failed to get any seat. 

In Karnataka, the Saffron party has managed to increase its seats from 17 to 25 and vote share from 43.37% to 51.38%. 

In Haryana, the BJP managed a clean sweep winning all 10 seats, up three from seven in 2014, while its vote share also saw a significant increase from 35% to 58%.

Odisha saw an increase in BJP’s seats from one in 2014 to eight this time while the party’s vote share improved from around 22% to 38.37%. In UP, the BJP’s tally came down from 71 to 62, but its vote share was a staggering 49.56%, up from 42.63% last time.