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BJP will crack down more strictly on corrupt in its third term: Modi


RUDRAPUR: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday launched a blistering attack on Rahul Gandhi for his remark suggesting there would be a "conflagration" in the country if the BJP gets a third term.

Kick-starting his Lok Sabha campaign in Uttarakhand from Rudrapur in Udham Singh Nagar district, he said staying out of power has made the Congress desperate and asked the people to wipe out the party from everywhere.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced that the Bharatiya Janata Party will intensify its crackdown on corrupt individuals even more rigorously in its third term.

In his first election rally in Uttarakhand ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Modi accused the Congress of spreading instability in the country and urged the masses, "to wipe out parties and elements who want to sow division and turmoil in the country".

Modi asserted that the aim of the Congress was to plunge India into anarchy and instability. Pointing towards Rahul Gandhi while taking a dig at the Congress, Prime Minister Modi said, "The 'Shehzada' of the royal family has declared that if the country chooses Modi for the third time, there will be a fire".

To directly know the response of the people to this statement, Modi asked in his old style, 'Is it appropriate for this fire to ignite? And is this a democratic language?'

In response to Modi's question in the meeting, a resounding 'no, no' echoed in one voice. In elucidating the BJP government's stance on corruption, Prime Minister Modi articulated, "The 2024 election landscape is delineated by two distinct factions: one advocating governmental transparency, and the other characterized by a coalition of corrupt elements." The opposition appears preoccupied by the BJP's anti-corruption crusade.

Modi emphasized that in the forthcoming third term, the BJP administration will intensify its crackdown on corruption. "Corruption deprives the underprivileged of their entitlements, and I am resolute in safeguarding the rights of the marginalized; this is 'Modi's guarantee'," affirmed PM Modi.

Prime Minister Modi, while making his emotional connect with the people of Uttarakhand for voting, said with great intimacy, "'Achcha mera ek kaam karoge' (Will you do one thing for me ?). When you return to your villages, offer my respects to the deities on my behalf. Extend my greetings to every elderly there, and regardless of the weather, cast your vote early on polling day". After Modi's statement, the meeting venue echoed with resounding applause.

PM Modi said, "The Congress party, known for its divisive rhetoric and perceived appeasement policy, raises objections to the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). However, when the BJP grants Indian citizenship to individuals who uphold the values of 'Maa-Bharti' through the CAA, the Congress expresses strong disapproval". "It is widely recognized that many of the refugees seeking shelter from Pakistan and Bangladesh belong to marginalized communities such as Dalits, Sikhs, and Bengalis. Despite this, the Congress continues to resist granting citizenship to these individuals," PM Modi emphasized.

Asking people to further strengthen him, Modi said he has guaranteed to make India the third-biggest economy in the world in his third term.

Modi's guarantee means fulfilment of the guarantee, he said.

"Development happens when the intentions are right. Right intentions lead to good results," the prime minister added.

(With inputs from PTI)