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BJP think tank offers online course in governance; babus to impart lessons


NEW DELHI: Serving and retired ‘babus’ along with academicians will soon impart lessons on good governance with the BJP think tank Public Policy Research Centre (PPRC) launching 5-day long online course to mark the anniversary of the second successive tenure of the NDA government.

BJP vice-president Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, who heads the PPRC, remarked that the first year of the Modi government in the second term has laid ‘doctrinal foundation’ marked by sharp international cooperation and the clarion call for self-reliance.

“A number of serving and retired officials, including health ministry joint secretary Lav Agarwal and a few from Niti Aayog, will give lessons in good governance,” said Sumeet Bhasin, Director, PPRC, adding that ‘Understanding Good Governance’ course will commence from May 30, commemorating the anniversary of Modi 2.0.

“The five-day online course draws on historical perspective of good governance, explaining its evolution, growth via accountability and transparency and utilisation of technological interventions and promotion of innovation,” said Bhasin.

Stating that the course aims to improve ‘governance literacy’,  Sahasrabuddhe said that the process of development should be the agenda of the people in the participative governance model, stressing on the role of the leadership to motivate the bureaucracy. He added that the course, which will have 10 subjects, is not part of the BJP’s political activity and will be open to all. The registration will be free.   

Suggesting that the response to the Covid-19, which will also be the key areas of the course, is shaping the Modi 2.0 government, Sahasrabuddhe said, “PM has given the doctrinal foundation in the first year of his second tenure, which has been demonstrated with the speed in international cooperation in response to Covid-19, including virtual meetings of SAARC, G-20, reaching out to heads of states, collaboration with medicines and medical equipment.”