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BJP leaders divided over Kshatriya community protests in Gujarat


AHMEDABAD: In Gujarat, BJP continues to struggle with internal conflicts within the party. While the current BJP state president, CR Patil, attempted to quell tensions within the Kshatriya community by holding a press conference to reconcile and absolve BJP candidate Purushottam Rupala for his remarks regarding the community, former BJP state president and ex-MP Rajendra Singh Rana signalled a persistence of protest, asserting, "Rupala's remarks have offended the sentiments of the Kshatriyas, and their protest continues. All will accept the outcomes of this struggle."

Patil, while addressing reporters on Tuesday, urged the Rajput community members to forgive Union Minister and BJP's Rajkot Lok Sabha seat candidate Parshottam Rupala.

"Even though Rupala has apologized three times for his remarks, Rajputs are still angry. Therefore, to find a solution, a meeting in the presence of our CM and the party’s Rajput leaders was held today. Our feeling is that since Rupala has already apologized, the community should show generosity and forgive him," stated C R Patil.

Furthermore, Patil convened a meeting with the party’s Rajput leaders in the presence of Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel to seek a resolution aimed at appeasing members of the Rajput or Kshatriya community.

While Patil sought to ease the Rajput community's opposition to Rupala, on the very same day, during the Kshatriya convention at the Navapara Rajput Hostel in Bhavnagar city, former BJP State president and ex-MP Rajendra Singh Rana declared his support for the Kshatriya community in their protest.

Speaking at the convention, Rajendra Singh Rana expressed, "The comment made by him (Purushottam Rupala ), praising one community over another for a comparative analysis, has deeply wounded the sentiments of our community, sparking anger… Now, we are protesting... For generations, the Rajput community has safeguarded the cultural heritage of our nation, and it will continue to do so in the future.... His remarks about our 'Roti' and 'Beti' made me contemplate why he made such a statement."

"The community is on the brink of agitation today... The decisions made by our coordinating committee will be embraced by all of us. All will accept the outcomes of this struggle..I am hopeful for a favorable outcome."

Not ready to consider the numerous efforts by the ruling party, protests against Purushottam Rupala by the Kshatriya community persisted on Wednesday throughout Gujarat.