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PM blames Congress for Ram temple ‘delay’


JAIPUR/DEHRADUN : Kicking off the BJP campaign in Rajasthan and Uttarakhand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said INDIA bloc is an “alliance of the corrupt.”

“It is the first time in the country’s history that corrupt individuals are banding together to thwart action against corruption. They argue that because I have no family, I have no reason to engage in corruption. But just because they have families, they don’t have the licence to indulge in corruption,” said the PM.

In his first election rally in Uttarakhand ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, Modi accused the Congress of spreading instability in the country. He urged the people to “wipe out parties and elements who want to sow divisions and turmoil in the country.” He said the aim of the Congress was to plunge India into anarchy and instability.

In Rajasthan’s Kotputli, the PM questioned the Opposition for the government’s action against corruption. “I strongly favour removing corruption, while they advocate saving the corrupt. Today, Congress members are revealing their perilous intentions. This election is pivotal for safeguarding the nation. The necessity for a robust and decisive BJP government in the nation has only grown. I challenge divisive groups and corruption, which is why they target me,” he said.

Modi specifically targeted the Congress, blaming it for the delay in the Ram temple construction and raising unfounded fears about it. “The temple has come up amid the lighting of lamps without any chaos,” he said.

The PM said that the Congress and others were raising false alarms, alleging that the country would erupt in flames if the BJP regained power. “As a nationalist force, the BJP will undoubtedly return to power,” he said and emphasized that decisions made in his third term would propel the country towards progress and development.

The PM said he believed the nation’s politics appeared divided into two camps. On the one side stands the BJP, advocating the nation’s interests first. On the other stands the Congress, seeking opportunities to plunder its resources.

“The BJP considers the nation as its family, whereas the Congress prioritises its own family over the country,” he said and sought to juxtapose the BJP’s efforts in making India proud globally with the Congress’s tendency to disparage India on foreign soil. He also highlighted Rajasthan’s historical role in shielding against such anti-national dynastic forces.

PM on a tour Raj

The PM has embarked on a tour of Rajasthan, beginning his campaign from the Jaipur Rural constituency. The state has been a BJP stronghold. In 2019, the BJP made a clean sweep in the state, winning all 25 seats.

Modi draws a contrast

The PM said he believed the nation’s politics is divided into two camps. On the one side stands the BJP that puts the nation’s interests first. On the other stood Congress, he said, seeking opportunities to plunder the country’s resources.