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Noida all set to ‘top-up’ its depleting ground water tables


NOIDA: In an effort to make the city self-sustainable and eco-friendly, the Noida Authority has decided to recharge its depleting ground water tables. It will install nearly 200 rainwater harvesting pits by June end.
As per recent data from the Central Ground Water Board, the ground water level in Noida has been dropping at an estimated average of 1.5 metres annually for the past five years. Taking note of this, the official said recharging of water table is the need of the hour and must be executed at all levels.

According to the officials, rainwater harvesting pits will be restored and dug afresh across the city’s parks and green belts. “We have three horticulture divisions,” noted Rajeev Tyagi, General Manager, Projects, Noida Authority. “While the first division will tackle 25 harvesting pits, the second and third will handle 94 and 353 pits respectively. We have already started the work to ensure the pits are ready by June end,” the official said.

Tyagi further said all new parks in the city will have zero water discharge policy. “All the waste water will be treated inside the parks itself. Then it will be used for irrigation of plants and general maintenance of the parks,” he added.

Natural wetland

The Noida Authority has said it has roped in Ramveer Tanwar, a local water environmentalist, to restore a natural wetland in the city. This pond, which covers approximate area of 1.8 hectare, is located opposite to Sector 137 Metro station in Noida. It was lying neglected for a long time