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'Doctors are god's envoy': Baba Ramdev backs allopathy for emergency treatment


DEHRADUN: Baba Ramdev on Thursday said allopathy is best for emergency treatment while ayurveda and Yoga saying are effective in 'lifestyle', 'genetic' and 'incurable' diseases.  "For emergency treatment and surgery, allopathy is the best there are no two opinions about this," said the Yoga Guru. 

He supported ayurveda and Yoga saying that these two are effective in 'lifestyle', 'genetic' and 'incurable' diseases and health problems. "Ayurveda and Yoga are effective in treating lifestyle', 'genetic' and 'incurable' diseases. It is a known fact since centuries without any doubt," added Ramdev. 

The Yoga Guru was replying to the queries related to the scuffle between him and the Indian Medical Association after his comments calling allopathy a 'Stupid Science'. The Yoga Guru also praised the doctors. 

"Doctors are devdoots. They are a boon to humankind on this earth by God. We can't be enemies with any group. If someone does a mischief it's that individual's fault not of any 'pathy'," said the Yoga Guru while interacting with scribes in Haridwar. 

Targeting high cost of patent drugs, he said, "Prime Minister Medicine Centers were opened to address this problem of unaffordable cost of patent medicines which costs 10, 20, 50, 100 and even 200 times in some cases. All we want is that no one should be forced to buy medicines at inflated costs."

He also advised people to be aware of excessive medication and surgical procedures though did not elaborate on it.

On June 4, 2021, after learning that Baba Ramdev has suggested the Uttarakhand government to include Patanjali Yogpeeth's 'Coronil' in COVID kit, Uttarakhand chapter of Indian Medical Association wrote a letter to Chief Secretary to take action in the matter.

The letter said that addition of Coronil with Allopathic drugs shall also amount to ''mixopathy"- a cocktail of Allopathy and Ayurved which is not permitted as per rulings of the apex court. It asserted that apart from the apex court several High Courts of various states have also ruled that mixopathy is not allowed. 

The letter dated June 4, 2021 by the IMA said, "Sir, I would be highly obliged if you kindly take prompt action and direct the Secretary Health, Govt. of Uttarakhand accordingly. This is for your information, necessary action and appraisal of the Honourable Chief Minister."

The COVID kit is provided by the state health department to the people who are diagnosed with mild symptoms or have no symptoms at all. The kit includes a thermometer, paracetamol, Vitamin D, Zinc and ivermectin tablet and an anti-parasitic drug. 

The letter mentioning that tablet Coronil is 'NOT approved by WHO, DGCI and even Ayush Vibhag' and furthermore has no place in the central guidelines for Corona of Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) stated, "Coronil is however recognized as a food supplement by Ayush Vibhag of central government and it is not a drug or medicine as claimed by Baba Ramdev on national TV on hourly basis advertisements," it said.

"Hence, addition of Coronil shall be contempt of court. I am sending you the various decisions and rulings of Hon’ble Supreme Court and High courts on your whatsapp for your kind perusal," the letter said.  The IMA letter further added that Section 34 of National Medical Commission also does not allow the practice of mixing allopath and ayurvedic prescriptions.