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Black box type device to be set up in over 500 trainsĀ 


NEW DELHI:  The Indian Railways is planning to install recording devices, on the lines of the black box, in over 500 trains to help understand the events leading to accidents. According to officials, the railways have already started installing the devices. “We have started installing Loco Cab Audio Video Recording system (LCVAR)/ Crew Voice/Video Recording System (LCVR/CVVRS) in diesel and electric locomotives.

This system, which is similar to the Black Box fit in aircraft, provides invaluable data to investigators which helps them in understanding the sequence of events leading up to an accident and for identifying operational issues and human factors,” the official said.

Currently, 32 locomotives have been fitted with the devices. Of the 32, 25 are diesel and seven are electric. “We have already placed a purchase order for 480 more CVVRs,” the official said.