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Bihar to have country's first digitally equipped State Legislative Council with e-Vidhan

Chennai:NEW DELHI: Bihar is now the country’s first state to have digitally equipped the state legislative council with e-Vidhan. As the first e-Vidhan, the members of Bihar Legislative Council (BLC) will attend sessions as members of the first digital house of the country. They would be able to see the answers to their questions from the concerned departments of the state government on their digital tabs, which are installed in the seat of every member of the council. After inaugurating this national e-Vidhan system, the chairman of council Awadesh Narayan Singh told the media that it was a matter of pride for the state that its legislative council is the first in the country to have digital e-Vidhan installed house.
“Now, details of each proceeding of the legislative council will take place in a fully computerised system and members asking questions during the sessions would have the replies available on their tabs installed at respective seats”, Singh told the media. With the introduction of e-Vidhan digital applications, most of the works related to sessions will be carried out in paperless mode. Speaking on the occasion, Singh- the chairman of Bihar Legislative Council said that state-of-the-art facilities are being provided to the members of the House for discharging their parliamentary duties. In the same way, deputy chief minister Renu Devi also said that it is a matter of pride not only for Bihar but for the country that the application of computers has started in the democratic system. The Bihar Legislative Council is the upper house of the bicameral legislative of Bihar with a strength of 73-63-elected and 12 nominated members. At present, there are  23 MLCs of JDU followed by 15 from BJP, 5 from RJD, 2 from CPI,  3 from Congress Party and one from each VIP, the HAM and independent. The post of its deputy chairman is vacant as no party has more than 10% of emperorship since June 23 2020.