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15 crore Muslims can dominate 100 crore Hindus, rants MIM rabble-rouser Waris Pathan


In a veiled threat to the Hindu community, MIM leader Waris Pathan has said that Muslims in India may just number 15 crore, but they can overpower 100 crore people from the majority community.

The former Byculla MLA compared the protesting Muslim womenfolk to lionesses saying they have rattled the entire country but when the entire community comes together, it will have a bigger impact.

"They tell us that we have kept our women in the forefront. I want to tell these people, only the lionesses have come out and you are already sweating. You can understand what would happen if all of us come together. We are just 15 crore but can be a bigger force than the 100 crore majority population," AIMIM spokesperson Waris Pathan.

The rabble-rouser was speaking at an event in Gulbarga in Karnataka in the presence of AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi on February 16.