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Fighting Narendra Modi and RSS, but don't harbor hate for them in my heart: Rahul Gandhi

Chennai: "My grandmother (Indira Gandhi) sustained 32 bullet wounds, my father (Rajiv Gandhi) was killed by a bomb blast and terrifying violence has been unlea...

UP: Chief engineer at sugar mill jumps off roof to save himself from fire, dies

Chennai: The chief engineer of the mill was seriously injured after jumping down from the top floor.

IFFI: 'There is no exclusive news in today's world of sensationalism'

Chennai: In 'Frame' the protagonist has to deal with the discord caused by his professional ethics and duty towards society as an individual comes in c...

'Do something for people languishing in jails for petty offences': President

Chennai: The President noted that many who have taken the lives of others are roaming free but those booked for petty offences are still lodged in jails.

PM Modi on Constitution Day urges to further strengthen India as mother of democracy

Chennai: Speaking at the Constitution Day event organised by the Supreme Court on Saturday, he added that be it individuals or institutions, our duties are our...